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In October, the 22nd China ice cream exhibition closed successfully

In October, the 22nd China ice cream exhibition closed successfully

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With the cool rain blowing through the sky

Precious sunshine gives birth to some exquisite and languid lazy

In this season of harvest

Tang ning is meeting friends here

[the 22nd China ice cream and frozen food industry expo]

Three wonderful days together

Tens of thousands of people from more than 50 countries, including China, gathered in tianjin for a world-class ice cream and cold food industry chain feast. If you fail to arrive at the site, did not get to the 22nd China ice cream industry expo, now, must be no problem to finish reading this article, from the picture and text to feel the annual event...

The scene is full of people, the activities are wonderful,

Dawningice gets together with Aromitalia

They use their best products

For the good and sweet ice cream business

The most perfect interpretation

We also have our senior ice cream maker

A demonstration of gelato making,

The audience listened and interacted,

It can be said that the harvest of a large number of fans!

Most importantly, through this exhibition,

Let more people love ice cream

In the simplest and most direct way,

Know our strength!

Stewart dawningice machinery

High quality gelato machine + exquisite Gelato

Won to visit the audience's high praise!

The 22nd China ice cream and frozen food industry expo has come to a close. Thank you for coming all the way to support tang ning machinery!

Dawningice will also continue to follow the development trend of the industry, constantly improve their own strength, and international standards, spread more professional and leading technology and ideas!

Words have done and meaning infinite, too many wonderful, the next exhibition waiting for you to find!