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Gelato Cabinet

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  There are three rows of forced cold air in the display cabinet, one in the front row, the other in the back row and the other in the middle row, which can ensure the same temperature in all corners of the display cabinet.

  Product performance:  

  ● Tested at +35°C in 70% relative humidity.

  ● Temperature can be customized to -20~-24,-24~-28 degree/Temperature difference: about 4 degree

  ● Body panel and inner compartment material: Stainless steel: #304

  ● Automatically and quickly defrost by hot gas-Low noise level

  ● Insulation in polyurethane thickness 60 mm, guaranteeing minimal dispersion and greatly reduced electricity bill

  ● Tempered curved glass with defogging heating wires

  ● Freezing Type: Ventilated/Air-cooling

  ● Easy setting by digital temperature control board

  ● CE certification for Europe and 3C certification in China

  Product parameters:

Dimension (L*W*H) Power KW Pans Packing Dim.
1/3 size
M12P 1200*960*1350 220V /50Hz or others 0.7 12 1360*1120*1630
M15P 1500*960*1350 0.83 15 1660*1120*1630
M18P 1800*960*1350 1.6 18 1960*1120*1630
M20P 2000*960*1350 1.8 20 2160*1120*1630
M26P 2600*1130*1290 2.4 26 2750*1290*1590